E-bandage produces electricity, speeds injury curing in rats

Image source Our skin possesses an amazing capacity to cure on its own. However in sometimes, injuries cure very gradually or not at all, setting someone at the chance for continual pain, infection and skin damage. Currently, scientists have produced a self-driven bandage that produces an electrical area above an injury, significantly decreasing the curing period for skin injuries in rats.
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The new scientific device makes electricity from snowfall

The scientists and co-workers of UCLA have developed a new device that makes electricity from snowfall. The initial of its type, this device is low-cost, tiny, thin and versatile just like a sheet of plastic. “The device may perform in remote locations because this offers its own strength and does not require batteries” claimed senior writer Richard Kaner, who keeps…
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How to understand the anemia

The major parts of blood are blood plasma and plasma. Red blood cells consist of hemoglobin pigments, which provide oxygen to the body cells. So if the hemoglobin reduces, the whole body gets a negative reaction. And the name of the reduction of hemoglobin in the blood is…
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Acid reflux or GERD, sign, complication, and treatment

At a glance –Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD): Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), also means acid reflux, is a continuous problem in which abdominal material grow up into the esophagus, producing in either symptoms or difficulties. Signs contain the taste…