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How to understand the anemia

The major parts of blood are blood plasma and plasma. Red blood cells consist of hemoglobin pigments, which provide oxygen to the body cells. So if the hemoglobin reduces, the whole body gets a negative reaction. And the name of the reduction of hemoglobin in the blood is anemia.

Why does anemia happen?

There may be anemia for numerous causes. Iron oxygen insufficiency can cause to the iron deficit if iron is decreased. Besides, vitamin B and folic acid insufficiency, long-term illnesses (such as kidney failure), long-term infections (such as tuberculosis), cancer, thyroid troubles, physical problems, erosion of early blood circulation, bleeding, etc. may be because of to anemia. On the other hand, iron insufficiency is most typical among all reasons. It is more in women than men. It has negative effects on the child, maternal mortality rate also boosts.

Why iron insufficient?
The key reason is malnutrition. There is a lack of iron in the mother’s body, mainly in case there is not adequate iron in the food. One more cause is abnormal bleeding in women during the menstrual period. For some other cause, there may be long-term bleeding, like as peptic ulcers, worms, piles, intestines or stomach cancer, long-term utilize of painkillers.

How do you know?
Weakness, fatigue, dizziness, headache, blurred vision, mouth-to-lips sore, etc. are well-known symptoms of anemia. If the level of anemia is serious, there may be breathlessness, chest stress and even heart failure. In case you think anemia, it is crucial to have a complete blood count. It gives a concept of ​​hemoglobin amounts and the density and value of the amount of red blood cell’s, quantity and dyes. An expert physician can guess the reasons for anemia by watching the RBC catalog. However, other tests are also necessary to identify the actual real reason.

What is the remedy?
The idea of iron pills is not appropriate if it is anemia. Find out the cause for the cure of anemia. For example to identify anemia you have to examine peptic ulcers, piles or cancer or why menstrual bleeding is excessive. Which treatment will be offered to the patient, the physician will decide it according to the patient’s conditions.

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